Where to send BB for fix in Australia

Where would I be able to send my BB for fixing in Australia? ,I really love my BB but the noises coming out of it I have not been able to solve …its just started to happen as of a few months ago

Im in Australia but sorry can’t help you with where to send it. Not sure what noises you are talking about but I was having some problems with buzzing noises in my beatbuddy as discussed in this thread.

The only other noises I am aware of is if you are trying to run a Beatbuddy off a power supply as well as some regular pedals you will probably have problems.


…zombie thread - I missed it.

Believe me I’ve tried everything separate power board ,leads crossing over each other , having it away from interference of computers iphones, lights ufo’s etc etc ,cleaning the inputs with compressed air spray , trying different leads. Everything except applying peanut butter to it which I will try tomorrow.