White Lightning - Joe Diffie


Really fun song to play. You have two choices with this song. If you only play with the first loop, the fills work in order (2 for the verse, 1 for the chorus) and just keep repeating. However, if you choose to add the transition fill to move between parts of the song you will actually skip the 3rd fill and move to loop 2 which has its own fill (chorus). Then simply transition back to the first loop to repeat. The outro is optional, but is a nice way to end if you can time it. I didn’t add a separate style loop for the 3rd verse like in Joe Diffie’s version of the song for added simplicity and adaptability. Have fun with it!


I’ve re-worked this one slightly. After playing it a few times, I realized I could make it easier still by keeping all the fill ins in a row and removing the entire second loop. It just means you have to use the outro. I’ve left the first version in case you’d rather use it.