Why do I get a message like this, "Error while parsing song content" etc?

I"ve seen messages like this several times. I have the latest firmware installed.

You are using a song with more than 500 midi notes, the problem is that the BB now supports songs with over 500 midi notes per part, however the official BBM currently does not, so you can’t make use of it. The BBM Beta version 1.6 does support this feature but has some bugs - the main one is that the Drum kit editor does not work.

Really this should be clearly communicated in the songs you are downloading as I can see it is causing lots of confusion or SS should just release 1.6 and tell people the bugs and allow them to make the decision if they want to use it. Simplist solution is to get it fixed but it looks like this is not a simple fix, 1.6 also includes a very simple midi editor maybe that is conflicting with it. I’m not a developer but 1.6 has been in beta a long time so I can’t tell you how long it will take to have an updated BBM that supports the latest Firmware.

Is there a way to import the *.sng files directly to the BB without using BBM?

I don’t think so

Not presently.

I made a Drum kit in 1.6 last week !
My only request is that BBM could sort files by file name automatically ( 01. wav 02.wav etc etc etc )

You can create a Drumkit just not set midi note, change the volume of an instrument etc… The only thing you can do (at least with mine) is add Wav files and change velocity settings.

That makes sense !
I was working on an old set and only messed with adding samples and changing velocity.

Really wished BBM could sort the file names automatically as I name the files 01.wave 02.wave 03.wave etc etc