Why google login

Just received my midi maestro. why must I log into google to get command content? is there another way?

Are you sure you are not able to see it without having a google account? It is a link open to all users on the internet

Hi Brennan,
Thanks for getting back to me strait away.

Referring to my last post…see the image below the circled menu items.

When I click on either, the following pop-up appears:

As I am new and still learning the features this is really not relevant because of the following:

When I created a new custom mode I was offered the option of bb or Aeros or blank. When choosing Aeros, the full library of commands from that custom mode where imported. Ok fine.

The problem is that many of the commands are duplicates. There does not seem to be any way to delete custom modes or custom commands.
I hate to really bitch here but the editor seems to be the actual heart and soul of this system. Seems to be extremely cumbersome.

Reading the manual, your bit on MSB and LSB where excellent. I will be able to bring up Aeros songs with the correct beat buddy drum sets no problem but how are users to keep it all together in a meaningful way with editor how it is. There is no real ability to manage anything. Naming conventions ok fine it can be done but there is no ability to even delete anything. Is it just me or am I seeing a real problem here?

This is still my first month with the unit. Yes I am sure. As you can see with my screen shots, when trying to go online I get the google registration requirement.

Please have google allow guest login so Your customers don’t have to open an account.

Just the fact that you don’t even know how they are restricting your own customers is evidence of the high price you pay by using them!

Google is way too intrusive to use.

Thank you for your feedback, the next version of the app which will be out imminently is no longer going to have any ability to share or download commands, this feature unfortunately was causing a lot of bugs.

Once we remove this, there will not longer be a google interaction other than to get the app from the google play store.