Why is BB asking me for file location?

For some reason that is not evident to me, most times when I open BB it asks me for the location of the project files, even though I’ve set the workspace location in the Tools menu.
And when I confirm the location it has to read the files all over again.
Any ideas why this is happening?

What are you trying to do when it requests the location? Synchronizing? Something else? Can you include a screenshot?

All I was doing is opening the app. I think it usually does this if I don’t use BB frequently. Next time it happens I’ll get a screen shot and post it here

Do you use another computer? What OS are you using? What software version are you running? Are you saving the project you open or are you forgoing that and opening the project from the SD card?

Not using another computer, am using a Mac with latest OS, I’m opening the same project that I have on my SD card, only difference is that it’s stored on my computer. I will post a screenshot next time it happens

This is not exactly the problem I was describing in this post, but it may be related. So I saved the project on my hard drive, then I inserted the SD card into the Mac to export the project onto the SD card. The attached screenshot is the message I get, I cancelled for now hoping I get a suggested course of action. I’m not sure why I’m getting this message because the project on the SD card is stored in the root directory. BTW, “Synchronize” is greyed out. I realize this may be a Mac-specific problem, any suggestions on how I should handle the attached message? thanks

Can you try to attach it again? The link leads nowhere.

If the synchronize option is greyed out, then do File > Export > Project to SD Card - and choose the SD card location. When prompted to link it for future synchronization, choose ‘yes’. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the software. If it doesn’t have an undo/redo tab next to drum sets and songs, then your version is outdated.

here’s the screenshot hope this comes through, I do have the latest software

I still cannot see the screenshot. If the issue has not been solved by now, please email me directly at support@mybeatbuddy.com - thanks! :slight_smile: