Widi master

Hi all, does the widi master/ yamaha bt for bluetooth midi command from ipad work if I connect it to midi ports on morning star MC6 which i use to control Beatbuddy?
The reason i ask is because i have the BB midi ports engaged. Also, I don’t use the BB midi breakout cable.

I don’t have a direct answer. Could you tell more about your scenario?

You want to connect your iPad via WIDI to the MC6 MIDI-in which again is connect to the BB MIDI-in? What are the iPad MIDI commands meant for? - MIDI-thru for the MC6 to directly control the BB or commands for the MC6 to then fire commands for the BB? I’m not sure if the MC6 can handle MIDI-thru. And I don’t know if you can control the MC6 via MIDI-in. So, in both cases, it’s a MC6 question, no question about the BB capabilities.

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So basically just like controlling beatbuddy via setlist maker or onSong apps using ipad and WIDI master, i wanted to connect WIDI master to MC6 midi i/o port to control beatbuddy if anyone has tried that.
i will seek some help from MC6 forum too. Thank you for the suggestion.

In MIDI standard, there is no such thing as an i/o port. MIDI has 3 categories of ports: MIDI-in, MIDI-out and MIDI-thru. In addition, some gear provide soft-thru which means MIDI-in signals are internally forwarded to the MIDI-out jack. But MIDI-thru isn’t very common any more, even if the standard was meant for daisy-chained coupling of more than 2 parts. As the MC6 would in the middle, everything is up to that unit.

I meant to say MIDI-in and MIDI-out ports of MC6. Sorry for using incorrect term.
Thank you again for the clarification.

I have the Yamaha BT01 working with Beatbuddy, MC8 and Ipad.

What have you plugged your yamaha bt into?

I have the Yamaha BT01 connected to the mid in of the MC8 and then out to the Beatbuddy.

Thank you so much for confirming. Thats all I wanted to know.