Will this work: Windows 98 +midi???

I’m finally going to get introduced to midi… I’ve mastered music theory (to my own needed degree) so I think I have the where-with-all to grasp midi, but to this date, it’s been a complete mystery to me. But I have something interesting, that I’ve always wanted to use.

Waaaay Back in 1997 I bought a “Live drive” for my windows 98 machine. It’s still have it. It still works! This live drive was meant for recording instruments… it has spdif inputs as well as a mini Midi in and out. So it stands to reason I should be able to hook the beat buddy up?? If so I have this program called acid jazz, that should have a ton of cool midi files. I suppose I should dig it out of my closet and give it a go. I dont have the right cable yet. Will they be able to communicate? I have another program called “music center” by ‘data becker’. And that has the ability to record midi files.

So you want to use a PC designed for Windows 98 with the Beatbuddy? You can use that PC to produce/edit midi files but it wont be powerful enough to run the manager software, which you will need to get the midi files into the Beatbuddy. The specs of the BB are more powerful then your 98 machine.

Compiling Qt for Windows 98 is not as easy, last version that officially supported Windows 98 was 4.4.3, and BBManager uses 5.4.3, so the result would most likely be buggy (if doable at all).