"With Bass?"

What does that mean when a song file say that?

it has a bass line included … there are w bass drums in resources section.

Bass guitar is also included with the drum beats.

Ok…thanks…next question:
How do I go about adding bass lines to an existing BB song that doesn’t have bass? I know the new version of BBM shows the bass notes in the Midi Editor section of BBM, but adding notes there manually seems labor intensive.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

as far as i kn

as far as i know, the bass lines are created with different software and saved as a midi file (that is compatible with the beat buddy) and imported into the beat buddy manager
hopefully someone will post a video or give you further information


If you’ve save a non bass playing song (.sng) from resources or beats …
open it as (ex. superbass G ) …
the editor will show all bass notes, chords , tambourine etc.
that’s your new musical storyboard to work with.
start adding bass lines …trial & error. (sometimes I’ll just lay down root/5th line to find how long I’ll need.)
you may have to add another loop or two …or open a large song & tear it apart …if you’ve saved the .sng previously .
… helps to have a midi program.
I made up Samba Pa Ti out of loops w Charles Spencers ‘Beat Builder’ …(enter a midi file into it)
before I figured out how to add bass lines,… fairly easy once you get the hang of it …
labor intensive sometimes, … others can be done in 1/2 -1 hr (if your lucky)
I use cakewalk, but Reaper IS the big kahuna …free too try .
hope this rant helps.

Thank you…I have Cakewalk…I’ll give that a try!

This will help … good luck :wink:


I have Cakewalk Pro Audio 9…and I cannot get it add the Bass notes…What version of Cakewalk are you using?

Cakewalk Music Creator 5 …
I have a few old versions also.( this may also be in the dinosaur column) …lol