Working on a new Cajon - Drumkit

I’m a cajonplayer myself, and working on a kit that almost sounds like … Me !
Sometimes i’m replacing the bassplayer and use the BB for rhythm. When i play a real cajon, i like to spice up the rhythm with ghostnotes and soft tips etc. there is a small demosong to demonstrate it… There are no other instrument in this kit then CAJON because i like it simple… Give it a try !

UpBeat.sng (269.8 KB) SuperCajon_.drm (2.7 MB)


very cool, very good job.How did this demo ?? bb manager ??

I’m using Logic and using the “MIDI Sync Breakout Cable” direct into the BB. I’m triggering the sounds through a Roland HPD-20. First i’m working on the cajon-kit… and soon there will be a songlist. In the real world i’m playing also some hi-hat-like strokes with a brush on one corner, so i think that will be added.
This kit will work on a lot of standard BB songs…

Update : added some brushes/hat on note 42-44 and a sweep on 46 and moved the "fingertips 1&2 " to note 37-39. songfiles are edited for the new kit…

SUPERCAJON.pbf (270.3 KB) SuperCajon2.drm (2.9 MB)


I can not load the drum set SUPER CAJON 2. does not appear in the list

sorry… UpBeat1.sng (269.5 KB) UpBeat2.sng (1.3 KB) SuperCajon_2.0.drm (2.9 MB)


Very cool - thanks for sharing.
I’d love to know what songs you match to these beats or your kit.

These are just universal (demo)beats that work on a lot of songs… but i’m working on a new songlist… patience… :wink:

Really excellent thanks. Downloaded it and using it as my default kit. :sunglasses:

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Working on a total new cajon-kit. The “super Cajon” was only a try-out ! Above the percussion setup that i use for live performances. I’m in the process of recording/sampling this kit right now. From left to right : LP Laptop conga for conga/bongo/tom like sounds… A small Schlagwerk cajonita, one side is used as a snare and the other side as a bongo. the side of this box is used as a rim/woodblock sound. In the back there is a La Rosa Flamenco cajon , played on all sides ! ( the previous kit is recorded on a schlagwerk la peru cajon) I’m using also a pearl mambo campana/bell. A Meinl studio barchime, 14 and 8 inch splashcymbals, a small crotale (high pitched mini cymbal) a bunch of “african nuts” as a leg/arm/foot shaker/shekere sound. not in the picture : LP one shot finger shakers, a Ferrinho (guiro from cabo Verde) and a lot of sticks/brushes and mallets… I’m trying to make this kit as General-midi compatible as possible, so stay tuned !!


If you want any suggestions, feel free to ask. When my son and I build kits from live instruments. We take a couple samples of “soft”, a couple at “medium” and a couple at “loud”. I then use those as velocity 0-40, 41 through 85, and 86 to 127, for example. It’ll be great to hear this when you have it finished.

Thanks Phil ! I’ve been sampling for quite some time now ( Akai s1000 / Mirage / Roland S-50 and so on…) So i think that part is covered… Till now i’ve used the zoom H2n recorder for taking samples for my BB but in a few days i receive a better condenser mike and gonna record in Logic with a high quality audio interface. I’s much faster too. The sounds are recorded without any ambience, because we are using a Bose tonematch T4 mixer for performances so we can add this when needed… More soon !!

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You can always add some ambience from Logic, too. The effects are very good.

Yes, I know, but effects on the BB sounds costs sample time, and I like to use effect depending on the location … The Tonematch reverb / ambience will do the job perfectly !!

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Thanks a lot. i like it very much. It improves the Bens cajon, which is added with a lot of reverb, and it is very dissapointed for me.

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I’ve taken this excellent kit, slightly modified and re-mapped it, and added the stock percussion sounds and an upright bass.

NuCajon + Percussion + Upright Bass kit

Thanks Nuskyn!


thank you to all of you for your excellent work

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