Would you do this?

For those that have the older click-clack footswitches, or even the newer footswitches that still click, would you do an upgrade to “silent” switches for $25 + 4.95 s/h?

Yeah I bought a new one and am bummed because I assumed they were silent. They are almost just as loud. I am glad you let everyone know they are not silent. I wish I would have caught that. Waste of money and I should have kept my latching. Boo.

No, I can get them for 1/2 that online and not from China. Plus my click switches are fine in a live setting.

Just an idea… Nothing more…it’s starting to feel too much like work!

I was disappointed in that too…that’s why I replaced the buttons with silent ones. Now I’m considering optical switches which are even quieter.

And a terrific, generous offer, especially for those with the first gen foot switch. Thanks for thinking of the community.