Your accountability is still heading in the right direction

Your body group just to make sure that your accountability is still heading in the right direction and I will see you at the gym the crew could make out work at again today saw the show you what to do from the body build up column exercise database this morning I worked Power NO2 Max out with Neil hill at 6 a.m. for an intense shoulder session here in Columbus Neil Hill is a knife BB pro he trains a lot %uh athletes some watch compete in at the Arnold Classic this weekend the training system that will be following is called white e3 which stands for Yoder which is Neil’s nickname training and three stands for the three weeks that his program cycles the first week we’ll start with heavier weights lower repetitions then medium with medium repetitions when I say medium round 10 and then for the third week you’ll normally go very high on the repetitions just a shock the body to work both types muscle fibers up %uh with starting out with side raises going to do the fall repetitions of 10 reps and then when we Kant do anymore you goat grab a heavier weights slightly heavier maybe ten pounds heavier keep.