1/2 or 1/4 measure intro option on firmware

Hi folks,
Would it be possible to have a feature in the firmware which only plays a 1/2 measure intro or a 1/4 measure intro? In other words, instead of playing the entire intro, it just starts half a measure in on the third quarternote or 3/4 in starting at the fourth quaternote.

When I actually play drums, I rarely play a full measure of intro, more likely it’s a quarternote pickup
counting “one, two, thre” boom-chucka
or whatever.
or “one, two” chuck-boom-chucka-boom.

So, could beat budy do this, just setting a defalt to start at the third or fourth beat of the one measure intro?

The easiest way as of now: Edit your intro midi files in your favourite midi editor. Takes about 1 minute to execute per intro.

by default, the time signature is 4/4. if you want a 2 beat intro, you can make a midi snippet 2 beats long, and set the time sig to 2/4. When it goes to the main loop, it will set itself to 4/4, or whatever the main loop time sig is.