1.79 BETA

With BB FW 1.79 plus Looper rocks!!!
With the new Beta there is the possibility to change to specific song parts by value number…(value of not existin Song parts change to next part like before). So now I can have a drum part for any Loop I make…-with single foot click!
That´s awesome! Now BB fits to my needs at all (BTW would the same be possible with the Fills???)
Thank you BB Team!!!

You’re welcome. Enjoy! :wink:

What version FW do I need in order to send commands to BB from onsong to pick a folder, song and assign tempo? I am on 1.4.1. If I need a newer version, can you help me to obtain it?

What are the list of features on has since 1.41 when one downloads and updates to 1.79. AND where do we go to download 1.79? I’m so eager to hear back…again by beginning with the list of add-on features since FW 1.41.

You have to request it by email to the Beat buddy Support guy.

@Scott hamilton[/USER] [USER=4655]@cchallum

Correct, I will give it to you via email (with the documentation) if you request it. We are very close to releasing it on the forum. David is finalizing the documentation, and we are just waiting on that last part to be completed before releasing it to the forum. You will need the new firmware for all the advanced MIDI functions, yes. My email: support@mybeatbuddy.com

Thanks. I have emailed you.

Thanks for the info Denis, could you elaborate a bit on how you go about working this new feature?