1) Pause Drums w/o pausing looper 2) How to end a song while in pause mode (#FIXED)


I have run into two issues with the pause feature lately.

  1. I want to pause only the drums while using the Aeros. Currently, the loop restarts from the beginning when I unpause the drums. I want the loop to start from it’s location as if it never paused when the drums are unpaused, is that possible?

  2. I have grown fond of ending songs with the pause button but while the BB is in pause mode I can’t stop the loop. Hitting the “stop” button on the Maestro while the BB is in pause does not stop the loop. In order to move to the next song, I need to kill the volume on the PA, unpause the BB, hit stop on the Maestro and then raise the volume on the PA again and move to the next song. This is crazy. We should be able to fully stop a loop/song while in pause mode. Is this is bug or am I missing something here?

Thank You

Try using main pedal - mute pause - enable or disable, whichever suits your needs.
To stop when in pause use cc 119 - 1 to scroll up the song list, which will instantly stop the Beatbuddy.
You will need firmware 3.8 or above

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I haven’t tried your first solution yet but I have faith it will work after having successfully used your second solution. Thank You! I had a gig last night, my first with this whole new set up, and it worked like a charm! Thanks again.

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