113 cc problem


The 113 CC command is common BB and Aeros, but they don’t react in the same way… BB is end of beat, Aeros is end of loop…

To avoid this problem may be it s better to change or add a different CC for Aeros part change…

Put them on different channels. I believe the command is a MIDI STOP, so it happens to be the same MIDI command that does different things, depending on the device (I could be wrong about this and I’m into the eggnog, so…).


Yes I thought about this, but I had not succeeded…
I try it again and it work now


I’m glad you got it working, let me know if there’s anything else you need, I will be moving this to a more general place in the forum as it is not a bug/ or something we can really change it is part of how the units work on their own,

Thank you for your feedback,

The improvements on latest tested BB version improve the Aeros BB relationship a lot, stay tuned

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In fairness to SS, it’s also most likely the way MIDI devices work natively, too.

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