128gb SD card

Today only on Prime got one for $33
Im using a 32 now and its slowing down with all the new drum kits.

Curious to know if 128Gb will work. I remember some speculation (admittedly more than a year ago) about whether either BBM or the pedal could handle more than 64Gb.

If it’s slowing down now on a 32Gb SD card and you fill it with even more songs and drum sets, imagine how much slower it could get :slight_smile:

I thought I remembered seeing 32GB as the max card size. FWIW, I have all of the forum posted songs and all of the drumkits on a 32GB card, and I have plenty of room left over.

Mine has been loading really slow with all the kits and I have about 6 sets with 25 songs in each . I’m gonna give 128 a whirl hopefully it works !

You don’t need a bigger car, if the old one is to slow - you need a faster one!

I am still using a 4Gb card with hundreds of songs in 8 folders as well as all of the default content. At one point I had 41 drum sets loaded and it was quickly taking up what space I had left on the card. It was a little slower in loading drum sets. After reading up on SD cards, learned that they slow down with time as files (songs and kits) can get fragmented on the card. Cards also eventually begin to wear out. I did 2 things to gain space and improve song/kit loading time. Cleaned up the files and drum sets in the BBM keeping only those that I needed; you don’t need to delete the kits–just unclick the ones not in use in the Drum Sets tab); I reformatted the card (strong caveat to use MS DOS FAT 32) and exported my slimmed down project to the SD card. Pedal “seems” to load kits much faster now and I have space to spare. YMMV

The other observation I have from using 32Gb and 64Gb cards is that the more content is loaded on the card, the longer it takes to either back up the card or export from BBM to the SD card. Same goes for flashing the card from a backup image.

I have noticed that this issue of slow loading drumsets appears to be a random (and thankfully relatively not so common) problem. It could be the physical card itself or possibly corrupt files on the card. Like @persist said, YMMV but there are users that fixed these slow cards by reformatting them. Simply having a larger SD card will not solve the issue in it of itself (it might solve it, but not because it is a larger card, but rather because it is a different card). I have not seen one case where such a large SD card would ever be necessary, unless you are planning on adding several hundred drumsets (each drumset currently has a max size of 100 MB), in fact you’ll likely never need a card larger than 8 GB with the current size limitation of each individual drumset. The official max size of an SD card for the BB is 32 GB, and a larger SD card may not work very well since it is a different format and generally speaking not backwards compatible: https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2520/~/sd/sdhc/sdxc-specifications-and-compatibility

However I have seen users get lucky with using incompatible settings using the BBManager (e.g. older operating systems etc) so if you already have the card, might as well try it and see if you get lucky with that too. :slight_smile:

If you continue having issues with slow loading drumsets, I’ll be more than happy to send you a few SD cards in the mail and hopefully that will solve the issue. Just PM me here or email me at support@singularsound.com with your full name and address.

Ya I copied my 32 to the 128 and the 128 isn’t working reading (No Song) . Well cant go with 128 I’ll use it for something!

Sorry to hear it didn’t work. It should be good for data backup though.

I bought one of the high speed cards, used in high speed SLR cameras, and it works well. Not a high capacity card but a faster one. I keep one of my cards loaded in for syncing as soon as I make a change.

can you let me know exactly what you purchased brand ,speed ect… thanks

I know you’re waiting on Jim J. to answer but an SDHC Extreme Speed Class 10 from Micro Center will do the job. The Class 10 is the speed category. The cards that ship with the pedal were Class 4. Here’s a link to card speed comparisons: https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/fastest-sd-cards/

Thanks man have you ordered from micro center before ? Just wanna make sure it’s a good site I’ve never ears of them before

They’re a big box computer/electronics store on the east coast. I think the key point is the Class 10 speed so you don’t have to necessarily go brand-specific. SanDisk is a good brand and I’ve seen them in Wal-Mart.

I’m using a Sandisk Ultra plus 16GB 80 MB/sec. There is a 1 inside of a U and a 10 inside of a C on the card. Maybe Class 10?

U for Ultra and C for class

Looking at the link, mine is the runt of the litter. As long as it works I’ll stick with it.

Yikes! For the price, I’m definitely sticking with the runt. $96 for the top dog.