1980s Drumkit anyone?

Hey there.
I am looking for a nice 80s Drumkit. You know, those Snares, Toms with that special Reverb.
This is a very nice homage to that very sound:

Has anyone ever created something like this or has any hints and tipps for me how I could create one? I would of course share the kit later

I just posted the Roland 505 and 707 kits to resources. You might also try the Modern Machines kit.

Hey Phil! Thx for the Roland Kit! I will def. download it! I can´t really find the Modern Machines Kit - Does it maybe have a different name in this Forum?


Super awesome. Thank you!

Can someone re-share or upload the 505 and 707 drum kits, as the original forum download location is no longer working. Thanks in advance!

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