1st week with the BeatBuddy

Hello all,

New to the forum. Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to all who have put so much time into this site. I have had my BeatBuddy for about a week now, and have been having a blast. I have spent most of the time just having fun jamming along to the pre-loaded beats, but have also started fooling around with MIDI and the BeatBuilder program (have not even looked at MIDI in 10 years). I have found a lot of good information here on how to edit MIDI and create my own beats/songs, and have already created a few basic songs. I am running my BeatBuddy through a VoiceLive Play GTX to my Samson portable PA and it sounds great. I have noticed some debate on whether a song should be OPB or have switchable parts. I don’t gig; I jam in my music room with my teenage kids, so for us I think we would always prefer a song to be switchable between verse, chorus, bridge, etc. We never play a song like the original and tend to omit sections. Overall, what a great product. Well worth the money.

I agree with you on preferring switchable parts! OP songs are nice for start and forget it. However, the reason I prefer parts is if something happens mid-song (say I get distracted/ interrupted by a person in the audience), on a OP song, you can’t just hit the “pause” button and start back up in the same spot! On an OP song, if you hit pause and start it back up again, it starts back at the beginning of the song. . With switchable parts, you just “pause” and start right back up again in the same spot.