2.17 "Next part" when recording does not end correctly

Continuing the discussion from 2.17 horrible clipping sound:

When validating the record of a part using “next part” instead of “play”, the loop boundaries are not correct. It behaves like the “next part” button does not immediately terminates the record resulting in a loop that contains extra record time… :+1: Again something very basic for a looper that doesn’t work.

Seriously what is happening ?

Please fix ASAP…

:warning: This problem is now identified as part of a wider issue.

@LaurentB what settings are you using? Sync tracks length? Change Part EOL? Freeform? If you can give us the full settings and a video of what’s happening that’s the best way for us to to fix it.

Sync tracks: Start & length (but the problem is not between tracks but between parts)
Change song part: EOL

@LaurentB if you change parts while recording, the Aeros will first follow the sync tracks rules and finish recording according those rules before changing parts. If I’m understanding your issue correctly…

Turn off the sync tracks setting if you want the parts change to happen immediately no matter when you trigger it.


Nope this is not the case, as I only record one track and I stop the recording of this track by clicking “Next part”, which immediately switches to the next part for recording…

@LaurentB please post a video of what is happening just so we are completely sure about the issue. Thank you.

@DavidPackouz Do you really need that ?

Even the most simple test shows how wrong thing goes when you use the “next part” button to end a recording (and switch to the next track)…

Is it that actually the next “part button” works on release and not on press ?? That would be a complete non-sense…

The problem is that the setting isn’t made for what for what you’re trying to achieve, if I understand the issue correctly. Possibly the setting you want is not what is available.

Are you saying you want to be able to hit next track and the next track/ record command and the track will start recording at the “Sync Start” (set by longest current loop, or “base track”), but when you hit play or next part command it’s immediate?

Currently, if you want the Aeros to immediately start recording the next track you need to set it to only sync length. There is no way to currently sync the start and not the length, meaning the next track will start at the same point but can be any length. As long as length rules are on, a recording must follow that rule unless it is an overdub. As long as Change Song Part/Stop All is on End of Loop is on there will also be rules for recording and overdubbing. There is no way to have next parts happen at the end of the longest loop as well as change immediately if while recording/overdubbing.
The only way I can think to do this, would be to make use of a transition command using MIDI, now a specific command changes the part immediately no matter the rules.

I am not talking about next track but next part. I fixed my previous post.
But this is what I am talking about since the beginning.

Next part while recording also follows these rules if length is on and Change Song Part/Stop All is on End of loop.

There is no notion of sync length between parts in freeform mode

Do you have change song/part stop all on end of loop or immediate?

At end of loop.

If I record two parts using the “play” button to end recording, instead of directly hitting “next part” and then switch to another part using “next part” it works even if the two parts have a different length.

Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but because the next part button has a hold command to the mixer, there is no way for it to react to a command on the press, there are maybe workarounds for this in 6x6, but 2x2 cannot be amended due to the mixer hold command.

This is going into a topic of expandability. We plan on mapping the Aeros for MIDI controlling, and if using a MIDI controller that sends messages immediately, that will solve all these issues. We understand this is not optimal, but like any professional recording set up, if you want it to behave exactly as you want it, you often must expand it.

The Aeros is meant to be a bridge between two very different musicians, ones messing around on the Aeros for fun and those (like yourself) who are veteran loopers. Our freeform mode suffers some set backs due to the simplicity in the Aeros design vs it’s multiple functionalities.

When using our MIDI Maestro with the Aeros, it will always be on the press, you can actually make your own mode with different settings for press and release, making many commands accessible in whole new ways. We understand it is frustrating, but we are here to work with you to make sure that we make the best product possible, because that is what we do.

That is the issue then, it won’t stop the recording until the end of the current longest loop.

Yes, with Next part happening at the end of loop, it will always change at the end of the longest current loop.

As you don’t seem to understand that I am talking about parts and not tracks, I recorded a video to show what the problem is.

This has nothing to do with longest loop or whatever, I could have recorded the second part with a completely different duration, it wouldn’t have changed anything.

Hence the question which is “is the next part button bound to the release of the button instead of the press ?”. That could explain the problem yet it absolutely makes no sense to me.

Yes, the next part button is on the release.

If we have trouble understanding, that is why a video works best. Thank you.

Then why on earth would anyone have the action triggered on the release of the button ???

Please read my previous response.