2/2 time Signature

Is there a 2/2 time signature set in the Beat Buddy? A slowed down 4/4 doesn’t quite sound the same.


I don’t think there is one included, but I believe it DOES support it. It certainly supports 2/4.

Hey there, the BeatBuddy can support all time signatures!

when we are talking about devices like the BeatBuddy, 2/2 and 4/4 are essentially just two different ways to say the same thing.

if we were writing, reading, and sharing actual classically performed music, then there would be a time to use the one and a time to use the other, but computers don’t understand concepts like context and connotation when it comes to numbers :slight_smile:

i suppose the easiest way to explain the difference is to say that the time signature 6/6, tho rarely expressed in modern western music, would be the most logical way to denote a song whose rhythm is primarily made out of a pulse of triplets… that would be two triplets in the same time that it would take to play a measure of 4/4 at that same tempo.

for a roundabout reason that seems very strange and I cannot adequately express at the moment, tho, those two triplets would be referred to as a pair of “quarter note triplets”. “two quarter note triplets” doesn’t sound to me like the sort of thing that would fill up a whole measure lol. but hey, music is inherently abstract, so to put it into words at all is to speak of it incorrectly. there’s bound to be inconsistencies in the vocabulary of the ineffable. :slight_smile:

come to think of it, i’m actually curious how the BeatBuddy would handle abstract time signatures (without a 2 or 4 in the bottom). some digital music gear has the math programmed wrong, seems like the sort of bug that might lurk for a long time in a device like this.