2 / 3 and 3 /2 Clave Cowbell Only song ... ?

Hello All.
Joey Hernandez Bassplayer NYC

I recently purchased the Beatbuddy for practice. Really cool!

My question: Can anyone of you genius in midi create a 2 / 3 and 3 /2 Clave Cowbell Only song … ?

I have used a foot cowbell before (when its a small trio - Piano Bass and Congas).
Would love to see if I can use the beatbuddy instead of a real cowbell on a pedal.
Wish I had the time to dig into the software to learn how to create however … not enough time right now.

Worth asking.

Thanks All
Joey Hernandez

I can whip that up, but it will have the same cowbell tone for all the cowbell strikes. We don’t have a kit cowbell with multiple different cowbell tones (unless you want to count the agogo), but yeah, I can make the velocity lower for the cowbell x x hits, and give you a clave under it.

The Latin 1.2 kit has a “bongo bell” where the cowbell should be, but it does work with that kit. The Hammond with Bass kit, the original one, has clave and cowbell. Try it with both. If this is really the sound you are going after, it would need to be done with a custom kit, but its very do-able.

Phil! Thank you! So without the clave is what I meant … just the cowbell beat. Guess it would be just flipping the bars for both “songs”

1 that starts with cowbell rhythm on the 2 side

1 starting on the 3 side for the second song .

Wow Phil if it’s not too much trouble… I’ll figure out how to import it watching the vid tutorials. I guess others can add to it and also have different tone cowbells to vary . But no clave beat under them .

Un Abrazo Thank you

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Sure. No problem.

To import a song, just go into BB Manager, and select File>Import Song, and then navigate to the sng file. You have to import them one at a time. Since these are cowbell only, they should work with any of the updated kits, like Rock 1.1, for example, or most user made kits.

Phil , I’m not near my gear right now however I will check out the beat you created. I also have a few great percussionists friends who will be willing to provide some sample audio of the different bells used… ( a bigger project I suppose ) but the idea is there. Again I than you so much and all others in the forum!