2/4 beat

Is there a 2/4 beat available in the Beat Buddy for Rock a Billy etc.

In World, there are Polka Beats. In Brushes, there is a beat with snare on 2 & 4. Or, you can search for Boom Chick, and add that beat to your BB.


I was astounded to find there was no dedicated 2/4 in country. It’s a real staple of the genre. I’ve just discovered the forum and the fact you can download songs. I’m racking my brain to think of a country song with that beat. I’m going to try The Gambler Kenny Rogers I think it’s a two four and I see it’s here but on my ipad in bed so I’ll have a go tomorrow.

Hi Peter,

The only 2/4 beat I have found is in the premium beats. CCR bad moon rising is the closest I have found to a 2/4 beat. Too many of the beats have double bass drum beats. A complete failure on singular sounds part.