2 New Drum Kits with Upright Bass

My 2nd foray into creating drum kits with bass. This time, the samples are of upright bass. Apologies for any intonation issues in advance, but I think it’s mostly in tune. This goes from the low Eb to the high G above thumb position. The MIDI notes are 87-115, so you will need to modify the other ‘with bass’ drum kits other than my Standard w Precision bass up 24 to use this kit. For regular MIDI files, you’ll need to transpose up 60.

This kit is the Jazz Kit with Upright Bass. There’s an additional kick on 35 and snare on 40 to accommodate GM, as well as additional Latin percussion like bongos and congas.

This kit is the Brushes kit with Upright Bass. Like the Jazz kit, there is an additional kick and snare on 35 and 40. There are no additional percussion sounds other than a shaker, and I may add more later.

Thanks so much jivejong. I’m enjoying your Jazz kit with Upright Bass. I just posted a 1960’s song in the Resource based on your Jazz kit.

Hi jivejong thanks for your Brushes kit with Upright bass .Can you tell me which midi note I should use for the ‘note off’ information
(which other kits like ‘superbass’ use) to make the bass notes different lengths or do I need to create this myself?

Dead links


NP Jazz Upright 63_91 Dropbox - NP_Jazz_Upright_63_91.zip - Simplify your life

NP Brushes Upright 63_91 Dropbox - NP_Brushes_Upright_63_91.drm.zip - Simplify your life

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Thank you persist…just recently getting back into my beatbuddy and i’m loving all the new stuff here albeit kind of scattered … I have much gratitude for the folks keeping it alive…

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Thank You!

Many thanks!

Does anyone else have a problem getting the NP Brushes 63_91 to import into BBM? I have downloaded it from here a couple times and I can’t get it into the manager.I have loaded other sets after I tried this one so I am not full…hmmm?

I just tested the kit by downloading, unzipping and using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File > Import > Drum set and everything seems to work. Here’s some checkpoints to help you get it working:

  1. The NP_Brushes_Upright_63_91.drm file should be 94.6Mb so if it isn’t that size, you might have an incomplete or corrupted download. Try to download again.
  2. Before you try to import the drum set, use the BBM to delete any previous version of NP Brushes Upright 63_91 that might have been imported or partially imported. You do this by
  • clicking on the Drum Sets tab under the Project Explorer
  • find and then click on the NP Brushes Upright 63_91 kit to highlight it
  • BBM > Drumsets > Delete Drumset and accept prompt to delete the drum set and then to remove it from existing songs and then
  • BBM > File > Import > Drumset
  • check the box next to the NP Brushes Upright 63_91 kit
  • click on Songs tab under Project Explorer and then test one of your songs that you want to use the NP Brushes Upright 63_91 kit with

Thanx for the quick reply…You did point me in the right direction…I ended up going to BBM workspace>user_lib>drum_sets and there it was (not extracted with a few other not extracted drum sets)… problem solved… YOU ROCK!!!


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The links are dead. Could any of you older in the forums guys post it again ?
Thank you.

Try following the suggestion made by Phil_Flood in his reply to you: Break On Through (OPBkg (organ and guitar) in Em) 2018-03-05 - The Doors

Oh, i didn’t know those were the same kits.
Thank you !