2 x 1 Input mixer

Does anyone have a suggestion for a small pedal board mixer to mix together the line out of a guitar amp and output of a keyboard?

I’d like to send a synth and a guitar through my effects loop before they go into the Aeros. Currently the synth uses the Aeros aux input, but it would be super cool to send it through the other pedals first.

The signal chain would be:
Guitar Amp Line Out + Synth Out → Too many pedals → Aeros Main In


Rolls MX28 Stereo MINI-MIX


This is a good resource: Pedalboard Mixer


Thanks for the suggestions! The Rolls looks perfect.

Soundcraft notepad: Notepad Series | Soundcraft - Professional Audio Mixers

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For a pedalboard, I suggest you take a look at the ART series mixers. They are ideal for pedalboards. You can go for the POWERMIX III - ART or the SPLIT MIX 4 - ART. The split MIX 4 is incredibly versatile and you can use it for plenty of routing on your pedalboard…

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