2082 Hammond with Bass 84+C1 (aka Hammond with Bass, Hammond NP Bass)

This is the reworking of the original Hammond with Bass kit, using the same source material as the January 2017 kit. I’ve learned quite a bit about building drumkits since then, and I’d like to think this is an improvement over that version.

I am trying to make an effort to name kits with clues to the instruments inside the kit. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 different Hammond organ sample sets. Some, like this one, 2082, I like quite a bit. Others are not quite as good sounding to me. I am trying to give the sample set in the title, along with where it is in the kit, in this case, midi 84, and what note starts the range of the samples. Here, that is C1.

The kit map contains details of the sample sources.

This includes the drum kit at the kit map.

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Thanks Phil, for all your hard work and creativity!