3/2 beat for Gordon Lightfoot's 'Seven Island Suite'

I’m helping a friend who just bought a BB and is looking for a stock beat to match up with Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Seven Island Suite’. I was surprised I couldn’t find one. If the song’s too obscure to find, I’m wondering if you could do something with this:

x — x — x — x — x — x
------------ s -------------------
k ----------------------- k -----

Measure consists of
6 closed hh’s
snare on 3
kick on 1 and 5

I was wondering if we could get it as OP /no bass, and OPB?


You’re right, a MIDI source isn’t that easy to find but here’s one that has the MIDI for the melody but no drums or bass.
7island2.mid.zip (5.4 KB)

I realize you said stock beat but if you have the Premium content, there are two beats in the Swung & Shuffle Beats—Gig Essentials: Jazz Swing 13 or 14 (6/4 feel) that might work.

Thank you, persist. I’ll give those a look.

Seven Island beat 1.zip (2.1 KB)

This is just the first beat, the 3/2, which I actually did in 3/4.

And this, is my take on what you wrote in your message:

7 island variation.mid.zip (769 Bytes)

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Thanks Phil. That works!