3/4 beats



I love it so far, can’t wait for the software editor to come out with. The one thing I’m a bit disappointed with is the lack of 3/4 beats. I trolled through practically all of the presets and couldn’t find any that worked with some of the songs I play at church. I’d suspect that about 10-20% of the songs we play at church are in 3/4 time… which is different than 6/8. Obviously with the software editor I’ll be able to do this, but a few stock examples would be nice.



Mathematics wants to have a word with you right here :slight_smile:

Having said that, you probably mean you want beats of a different style. Which is indeed possible when you finally get manager software.


Right. We’ll need to share some 3/4 once we get BB mgr sw. Where’s the 3/4 swing beat? The inet has 100s of free MIDI drum patterns you can start with.


As far as I know, all the BeatBuddy content was manually created by Goran, and Goran alone. That’s why you won’t find any beats that are available for downloading on third-party sites in BeatBuddy content.


Yes, I suppose Music and Mathematics disagree on that point. Would love to see a conversation between them on that.


DO music and math disagree on that? A 3/4 and 6/8 ARE effectively the same. It’s a matter of perspective. You could play a 3/4 part over a 6/8 beat (or vice versa) without issue. There IS a subtle difference, but it’s really about scale, tempo and perspective.


Now that’s the real talk! :slight_smile:
I couldn’t say it better myself.


The shoe doesn’t fit, even if it’s the same size number ( you might have run in to that if you wear shoes :smiley: ). If you have a big headed rock drummer record the 6/8 it’s going to sound more like a drum set falling out of the truck and won’t fit a classic waltz.