3/4 Standard Country Waltz

This question might be a little premature as I just received my BeatBuddy and I can’t find a suitable 3/4 waltz for many old country standard tunes . I found the Jazz 3/4 but its a little too much ,so will i need to modify that one or am I missing something here? Old Dog learning new tricks!

Never Mind,Found It!!!

where? I’d like it too. Thanks

Yeah, I don’t find much in 3-4 time either.

Here are some basic country waltz patterns with slight variations to the feel. They were created with BB Manager 1.4.0 and earlier versions will complain when you try to import them

Thanks for that Charles Spencer.

I found a decent one for “VIA CON DIOS” in World Beat 12 Waltz and then modified it with Beat Builder.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

ACK! These aren’t in 3/4 time. They are good though (in a basic kind of way ;0) Thanks Charles!

The world Waltz beat is pretty flexible and works for a lot of songs and some of the Blues in 6/8 can be made to fit.