3/4 Time in BB

I’m finding a few issues with trying to put together a song in 3/4 time. When I select 3/4, in the midi editor, BB gives me 4 fields. I click on quantatize and it gives me (note-note-note, note-note-note, note-note-note, note-note-note) when I’m acutally expecting (note-note-note, note-note-note, note-note-note). WHEW!, type all those “notes” gets to ya. :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m expecting too much? I don’t want 6/8 time because the original song I’m working on (Amazing Grace - Traditional hymn) is strictly in 3/4 time signature.

Is the only solution for this is to pick 6/8 time and go from there? Please advise.

The better solution is to not use the built-in midi editor. If you use a regular DAW, like Logic, Cubase, Audacity, etc, etc, you can build your song in any time signature you wish. Then save the midi file from that DAW, and add it as a part into a Beat Buddy .sng using Beat Buddy Manager.

I have Ableton Live 9 Standard Edition. Can I use that to accomplish the same thing? I’m just now learning Ableton.

Yes, you can create and edit midi in Ableton 9.

Hi Phil so I can use this Ableton 9 to edit beats?
would this be the one?

I don’t own the product, but it’s ad says that you can midi sequence on up to 8 tracks. That should let you be able to make a sequence that works in B.B. The issue is one of features, specifically whether you can merge tracks. That would be something you want if are going to try to have bass and/or keyboard parts. I did just see recently that Cakewalk Sonar is now available for free from the folks who make the BandLab app. That’s something I intend to get for my PC.

Bump. New user with exactly the same issue. No reason for the BB MIDI editor to not work correctly in 3/4 time. Should not have to work in some other MIDI editor for simple loops as a work around. The BB MIDI editor is fine for this … just needs to be fixed.

Has this since been fixed in the soon-to-be released version?