3/4 time

how do I get 3/4 time on the beatbuddy :?:

Check Tips and Tricks - Beats For Collaboration for a list of beats in the BB. Waltz is not covered well. I have some waltzes in MIDI waiting for BB MGR to convert for BB.

old country 3/4 waltz

anybody have any idea how to get a good 3/4, waltz type beat for ols school country?

Have you tried the Waltz beat in the World folder? That is a straight usual waltz.

Re: old country 3/4 waltz

Not much to choose from. I found the “World” drum set “Waltz” useful, you can check it out. long live classic Country :smiley:

Re: old country 3/4 waltz

thank you

Trying to attach to see if it works. Change the ZIP extension back to SNG.

I’ve just uploaded a 3/4 Straight 8 to the Blues folder, hope you find it useful.