3 new XRp drumkits just posted

I realized I like the low C1 piano range, so I posted a new version of the NP Jazz Trio brushes kit, called NP Jazz Trio brushes XRp. XRp for “Extended Range piano.” You get 56 notes. C1 through G5, enough to handle most music. Bass covers dropped D to 12th fret G. Drums have everything General Mid wants except the whistles, guiros, cuica, wood blocks and triangles. Claves are remapped to 71.

While I was at it, I made a sticks version of the kit, using the Billy Cobham drum kit samples.

To round things out, I made an electric kit, with the Billy Cobham samples, Fretless Electric bass, and Chorus Electric piano. All three kits are drums left, and bass/piano right.

You will need to set drum levels to you own liking. After adjusting drum levels, don’t forget to “Save Drumset.” There are few open holes in the kit should you need to add something extra like a gong, or that heavy chain slapping a car hood.

These are all posted in the Resources section, available for download from my Dropbox.

You’re killin’ it, Phil. I was just thinking this morning about “wouldn’t it be nice to have a kit with piano.” Thanks for your exceptional kits. I’ve not seen this number of songs being uploaded in a while. I think you’re inspiring users to put it high gear. If we’re not careful, you’ll be putting’ up kits faster than we upload songs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. One thing I wanted to mention. The acoustic piano kits do not tend to respond well to extremely short midi notes. The midi off does not allow the piano to ring through. I just give a listen and then adjust, i.e. make the notes a little longer. On the other hand, the electric piano seems to work real well. This is not resource section worthy - there are some real stinkers in here from a midi I downloaded off the web - but it does demonstrate what the Electric Jazz trio kit can do.

I found a problem with the samples in the Electric Jazz Trio kit. I will be updating the kit shortly. If you have already downloaded this kit, please check for the update in resources and download the kit again. Sorry for any problems. It was clipping like mad!

Looks like the update link isn’t working…getting a “404” error from drop box

PF might be working on it again.

I don’t know why the link wasn’t working. It was in my dropbox. Anyhow, I deleted and reloaded to dropbox and updated the link. I tested it, and it worked. Let me know if there are still problems.

Love all the new drum kits…great job!

Hi Phill, Alexander Liapin here again,
Still got a problem to get access to your dropbox to download the NP Electric Jazz Trio XRp.
Can you help me to get that kit please? Can not to force my Spain by Chick Corea track to get right sound… So, I would appreciate a lot! Thanks in advance for any co-operation!

Hi, I’d like to second this request. I had previously downloaded Hello It’s Me.sng, which had been using the NP Electric Jazz Trio XRp drumset. It sounded magnificent, to the point where I had tossed it on the setlist last week. Somehow I blew away that drumkit on my BB and this song sounds horrific now with any other kit, including the Electric Jazz Trio 72-C1 and NP Jazz Trio XRp kits. Any chance of seeing that original kit again? I would really like to play this song out.

It’s a good idea to archive any kits you download from the Forum. Someday, I’ll be dead and these won’t be available.