3 Songs Practices Voodoo Child,

A few practices. Go easy on me I am not the best singer or guitar player but I have so much fun with BB. Sound not the best quality- Sound recorded off phone. Gives a little preview to how I use the PUC+ /Onsong/ boomerang looper/ BB w/ OP Bass songs. Thanks to the person who posted Grand Funk Railroad - I’m Your Captain. I love that song.


You hit the ball out of the park, man. Very well done. Voodoo Child was fantastic.

Woah! nice work there. Pretty cool hearing that bass in there.

not the best guitar player or singer come on yes you are. man that sounded great. Thanks for sharing

Sounds great,and the fact that you have a fridge right handy is a great idea.

I reckon you are a good singer and a good guitar player. Keep on rocking man. Post some more videos. Love hearing those basslines on beatbuddy. Thanks so much for sharing these videos.

Excellent performance. Congratulations from Argentina!!!

Awesome!!! Great effort.

Can you upload the song file please?

I don’t think the OP ever made his version available. Give him another day or two and if he doesn’t post, I’ll transcribe it as an OPB.

I just posted it with a message. :slight_smile:


emacnevin did an excellent job transcribing this version; it works and sounds really good.

The version I posted is a one-press: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) DOP, OPB

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