4/25 update problems on newest firmware

So I keep trying to update my Aeros but it takes forever to load and when it finishes it asked to reboot, when I do it says error and that I need to do 3 steps unplug power, put in sd card, unplug power not necessarily in that order. But anyways I’ve tried it with and without my sd card. Unplugged power. Still goes in this circle of a problem! Please help!

With the Sd Card
Power Off the Aeros
Do you rename the files from “Aeros 4.2.4.bin” to "aeros.bin " (you need to rename like this)
insert the files on your Sd card ,the file must not be into a folder .
Insert the card and Power on the Aeros

It’s not that my files aren’t working. It’s the firmware isn’t properly downloading. I guess I’m a bit confused…

Hey there,

If possible could you please try again, while an SD is loaded in, allow it to fail, turn off unit, remove the SD and send the .log files to support@singularsound.com along with any details about this issue you are having?

Thank you for reporting

It fails everytime. I don’t know how to send .log files. Don’t even know what that is…? I picked Aeros primarily because I can update over WiFi. My computer is very outdated… can you walk me through steps? Do I need a computer for this?

Hello again,

All you would need to do is take your SD that was plugged into the Aeros when it failed the WIFI update and plug it into your computer. On the SD there will be a folder called logs, send those .log files to support@singularsound.com along with a brief explanation of what happened.

You could try the WIFI update once again but moving the Aeros closer to your router, the WIFI may not reach it cleanly.

I would suggest emailing support so they can help you troubleshoot and find the issue.

Thank you for reporting