5.0 some translate songs became 0 kb

Hi all,

I have a problem with the translation of some songs, the result is 0 kb and the songs do not load, the load will run infinitely.

To remedy this I found this method

1 First of all, save the SD card with ALL the songs stored on the Aeros BEFORE upgrading to 5.0

2 create a folder in the Aeros to put all the songs in 0 kb on the SD card

3 On the computer select the songs corresponding to the 0 kb of the backup (4.X) and replace them on the SD.

4 On the Aeros, open the newly replaced songs and do SAVE each time, be careful the SAVE must be validated by an action such as mute a track for example, otherwise it will not save the song and you will have to redo the procedure by replacing the songs saved in 4.X

After that the songs will be usable again.

I hope this will help you



Did you back up your content before converting?

If so, could you please send the versions of the songs before and also after conversion so we can analyze what may have happened?

Thank you

Another thing you could do for me is turn on the Active Logger in the Diagnostic page in settings, and try to load one of the songs and allow it to fail. An SD must be inserted for this to work, the logs will be saved on your SD.

You can send me the logs here or via DM

Hi Brennan,

Yes I back up my content before converting, but I have already changed all the problematic songs, I don’t know if you will see a difference…

I can try to make the log file, where do I send it to you?


You can zip the log files and attach them to a reply in this thread or you can send the zipped log file in a direct message (DM) to Brennan in the forum.

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