500 Miles - Proclaimers

Does anyone have a download link for this please?

I’ll try my hand at this.

That would be amazing! I am new to BB, I’m only just working out how to use it but I’ll have no chance programming it!!

I’m trying to find Shout by Tears for Fears too! :slight_smile:

I think I have a decent source file for this one too.

Really!! Fantastic! I can’t wait! Thank you so much!

I have that one created. I can upload it for you.

Really, that would be great! Thank you!

Here you go. *NOTE: this is not a OPB song. I’ve included a PDF of the lyrics, chords and BB notations I use to navigate through the song. I’ve also included Tambourine samples and settings in case you need to add it to your drum kit.
Beatbuddy Notes/Symbols Legend:

Blue Triangle (play button) = Start/Fill In
Blue square with number = Transition Fill (number represents number of bars to hold the transition fill)
Red “O” = Outro
*asterisk on chords = 1 strum and stop or hold

Im Gonna Be 500 Miles.zip (1.2 MB)

I have downloaded and it’s in my BB. I can’t believe you have put all that together so quickly and the support notes are so useful. I can’t thank you enough! It’s really good and just what I hoped for!

You’re very welcome… although I have to confess that this was not put together quickly. I created it a couple years ago and when I create songs, I try to match them to the original so it usually takes me anywhere from 2-5 hours per song depending on the complexity of the beat sections and fills. Enjoy!

Well, it certainly didn’t sound like a quick one! thanks again. I don’t suppose you’d know where I could get Tears for Fears Shout do you?! :slight_smile:

Click on the Latest tab at the top of the forum landing page and scroll down until you find it.

Well done on this Excellent that is going in my repetoire.

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