Hi I just downloaded THE AASHIDEACON 500 songs into my beatbuddy manager, They are showing in the manager but the play button isn’t highlighted and they wont play. I guess it might have something to do with drum kits or bass. Can I get some advice on how to fix

So how did you “download” them into your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)?

Hey well just downloaded off the forum to my dropbox. But something weird is going re previous posts about sd card problems So after I downloaded I created a new project and imported them into it. They were there but wouldnt play. So I then went to open an older project and they were all gone. I had lost all hs projects
I had no sd card in so I put that into the computer and was able to restore my latest gigset project (phew ).
Once I had that I imported the 500 song’s into that gigset project and they imported and played no problem
I dont know whats going on but all this started after editing some songs in the beatbuddy midi editor ??
Anyway its taken a lot of time to sort out but atleast it is working now.
Im now saving my projects to the desktop so I know where they are as I posted earlier that the beatbuddy manager seems to be behaving strangely

Glad to hear that you’ve partially sorted it out.

Usually when a project disappears from either your BBM or your SD card, it could mean that you used a non-supported character in the song name. Try to avoid the special characters.

By “partially” I mean that you can expect to have more problems when saving your projects to the desktop, outside of your bbworkspace folder (which is where the BBM requires the projects to be filed, edited and managed).

You might benefit by requesting a support session from Support Support, support@singularsound.com

Ok well I’ll see it goes. I’ll put the projects into the BBM workspace as well. Are all downloads supposed to go there

No. You can store your downloaded files for the BeatBuddy (BB) elsewhere on your computer. For example, I store mine in a folder outside of the bbworkspace folder:
Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 8.06.58 AM

I just purchased my BB. This is my first visit to the forum, and yours is the first link I went into. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this. I’m actually quite stunned by what this thing can do, and a collection like you posted here makes it all the better.

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Where can I get the AASHIDEACON 500 songs.
I can’t see the links.


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Thank you Phil.
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I tried downloading this and it completely screwed my computer. Spent hours on it. Actually got them to play once only. Never ending issues. Sometimes it would download to 99% but not complete. Other times tried downloading to dropbox but there would be nothing there. Ive actually got them into a sd card they show there playing but theres no audio. Ive got them saved to my laptop but if I try to import them or just open them as a project theres nothing there and I have to go thru a convuluted file search to find a version that will import. It will then only import if I have a sd card inserted and only to find that they wont play. Etc etc around around. And to top it all off going thru this process seems to effect my other saved projects and Ive only been able to keep my main project available because its on a seperate sound card and Ive been able to restore this beatbuddy otherwise I think I would have lost everything. Also I tried saving projects to bbw and opening or importing back to bbw again doesnt work so Ive been saving to documents.

This appears to be a problem that starts with Dropbox either not completing the download or corrupting the file during the process. I don’t know if it’s because of the file size or what but it has affected your bbw.

I noticed last night that Dropbox was downloading more slowly than what I’m used to and when that’s happening, it affects users outside of the U.S. even more so than CONUS users. Last time something similar was reported, the users having problems were in Germany.

You could contact Support for help but I think that Jay will suggest that you make a backup of the project you want to keep and then to remove aashideacon’s files that you’ve tried to download as well as the BBM app and all instances of bbw folders on your computer. The next step is to download a fresh copy of the BBM and the backup bbw and to reinstall. Let me know if you need help with that process and what computer OS you’re using.

i don’t see a link to download these 500 songs from. Help

Scan through this thread until you come upon 9/15 (Phil_Flood) and click on the blue link.

I’m looking for the song OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL.
Can you help?


Sure. It’s available on the forum. You should be able to come up with it after using the forum Search feature.