500+ songs, mostly w/Bass

Thanks for the big work!
I loved the AmpControls.jpg!!!


Thanks :beers:

Thanks !!!

Thank you sir!.

Thanks so much!!

That is an absolute gold mine of really nice songs. Thank you so much for those. That had to of taken a long time to get those down like that. Amazing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much!

Fantastic! Thanks so much!

Incredible - thank you!

Thanks so much for sharing! Amazing amount of work!

You Rock To say the least.

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I can’t believe I left out the most important genre: ROCK!!! it’s now there with a ton of great songs… also, if you want to see some strangeness, check out ‘test’

Hi, from Lapland, Finland … Please, can i have a link… I am so pleased when somebody share his own work to everybody … I will do that too, when i will get something to share :grin:

Now snow about 1 meter and -20 degrees…

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The link is in the 1st message in this thread.

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Thanks, these look great.

Thank you for all the effort! These are great songs.

Thanks for all that effort!

Many thanks
this is very generous and will be enormously helpful



Impressive stuff… thanks for posting all your hard work.
(that amp jpeg is great, by the way)