500+ songs, mostly w/Bass

I’ve been organizing my files, and I gathered up all the beatbuddy songs and kits… Here is a Dropbox link to everything!

Not all of them are mine (esp the onepress ones), but many are. Many also have never been posted before. I suspect that not all of them work properly!

I have a ridiculous collect of one-page cheat sheet, and many of them contain my own beatbuddy annotations… If you are curious about any song, see if there’s a pdf cheat!

If I have shared something that the original artist wants me not to, just drop me a line! Or, I could move them into a directory with your name, so you can get proper credit!

link now included! :slight_smile:

old link that doesn’t work:
BeatBuddy resources




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ha! that would be more helpful, eh? post updated!

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Thanks for the big work!
I loved the AmpControls.jpg!!!


Thanks :beers:

Thanks !!!

Thank you sir!.

Thanks so much!!

That is an absolute gold mine of really nice songs. Thank you so much for those. That had to of taken a long time to get those down like that. Amazing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much!

Fantastic! Thanks so much!

Incredible - thank you!

Thanks so much for sharing! Amazing amount of work!

You Rock To say the least.

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I can’t believe I left out the most important genre: ROCK!!! it’s now there with a ton of great songs… also, if you want to see some strangeness, check out ‘test’

Hi, from Lapland, Finland … Please, can i have a link… I am so pleased when somebody share his own work to everybody … I will do that too, when i will get something to share :grin:

Now snow about 1 meter and -20 degrees…

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The link is in the 1st message in this thread.

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Thanks, these look great.

Thank you for all the effort! These are great songs.