500+ songs, mostly w/Bass

Thanks for all that effort!

Many thanks
this is very generous and will be enormously helpful



Impressive stuff… thanks for posting all your hard work.
(that amp jpeg is great, by the way)

Oh man, I’m at a loss for words. This is the mecca of songs! These are so, so good and I can’t thank you enough.

I also thank you for sharing the songs.

Wow! Many thanks!

R O C K S T A R ! Wow, thanks for your generosity. This is fantastic!

“There goes my hero! Watch him as he goes…”

Grazie, ottimo lavoro!

many thanks friend, very much appreciated. regards boon

Best library I’ve found - thanks for sharing all your hard work!!!

Thank you !!!

Thanks to share your work.

Many thanks!!

Fantastic and very generous post. I am looking forward to trying some of your songs. Much appreciated.

Yes, just thank you so much for this.
The world is a better place with generosity and sharing.
And music is all about sharing (especially emotions) isn’t it?

Great, thanks

You’re awesome mate thanks for this

Thank you for the work.

thank you for sharing this!