500+ songs, mostly w/Bass

Its working now. Just kept trying to import and it started working :thinking:Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

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Thanks for this - however the link goes to DB, but just sits there doing nothing after I press the d/l tab, well for me anyway. Does it take a while to generate the download?

The dropbox link in the forum ends with “dl=0” which means no automatic download - opposite would be after having changed the end to “dl=1”.
But if I hit the download button on dropbox, I get a prompt for saving the file within 4-5 seconds. This can vary depending on how busy Dropbox is.

Hello! This is awesome. Just got my beatbuddy today.

Most of the beats work but I ran into this error for Take Me Out:

Unable to load song /Users/oldryan/Documents/BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects/beat buddy - Project/SONGS/DE2728C9/25181076.BBS or its Accent Hit

Also, is it possible to just add the entire file at once? I try to use the “import file” in the BBM yet it doesn’t seem to allow it. Doing every song one by one will be a pain!

Thank you

I successfully downloaded and tested the song. Try downloading, unzipping and importing again. Sometimes the download doesn’t go as expected. Make sure you also have the Rock with Bass drum set imported and active.

I you’re referring to the content of the 500+ songs package, they were posted as individual songs and not as BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) formatted folders. You could try this though,
BBM - File - Import Song and navigate to let’s say, the 60s folder; select several songs at once (use shift-click) and press Open. This way you can import several songs at once. This works on the Mac and should work on a Windows platform as well.

Hi Aaashideacon, Thank you so much for these links, full of great content. I noticed in the Dropbox folder “onepress” that the alphabetical list starts with “A_LITTLE_HELP_FROM_MY_FRIENDS.sng” and suddenly stops at “CRAZY_LITTLE_THING.sng” … please can you give a link to the full sand remaining list… Thanks

I think that what aashi posted was what he had (or all that he could find) at the time he assembled and posted the file. :rofl:

One press was a very new concept at the time. We had just gone from a 500 note limit per song part to unlimited length parts. In fact, it was this improvement that got me into devoting time to the BB. No offense to those who prefer multi-part songs. I use them, too. But, for many songs, I find one press to be better. But, at the time aashi made this file, one press was in its infancy. Hell, “with bass” was in its infancy.

Yeah, Onetouch is still missing the rest of the alphabet after “C”! Great stuff. Hope they become available.

none of those OPB ones were made by me… phil and some other guys were into those, so i’d bet some snooping around could dig up most of those… i just had them there cause they were also technically “with bass” :smiley:

Thanks a lot

Thank you sir !!

I found the missing onepress songs! i uploaded them into onepress, and into another dir called onepress-themissing


Hi, aashi.

Could you please report 500+ songs, mostly w/Bass?



i’ll try to… i’m locked out of that dropbox account because the email system no longer works… boo!

i was able to move it to my newer dropbox:


Thanks a lot for your effort! Great work! :+1:

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