50s and early 60s song suggestions

Hey there - I’m part of an acousticish duo of guitar/keyboard and vocals. We landed a gig at a retirement community to play 50s - 70s music. We’ve got lots of late 60s and 70s stuff as we already do a lot of Beatles, Stones, Allman Brothers, Dead, Who, etc.). We’ve got a few 50s stuff (Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash) but need to bolster that up. What songs are folks currently doing from that era with or without a Beat Buddy track? Any help would be great!

Off topic, I’m still grappling with the fact that I grew up more on the rebellious side along with a musical soundtrack that seemed at the time to be on the edge and now I’m playing at a retirement place! Oh well - scheduled set time is perfect and the money is decent and I’ve learned that music is music!