6/8 time signature bar recognition

Hello all,

Just joinged the BB team and im a huge fan at this point.
I have ran into a prety weird snag her though making a song.

The song i am working on is in 6/8 and when working on the day it is a four bar rythem.
when i move the song to the bb its recognizing it as a 3 bar rythem.
this causes changes and fills to have a large delay. also when making a 1 bar fill beat buddy thinks the bar is just a bit longer than it is.

has anyone ran into this issues, is there a fix, im I just bein dense and somthing goin over my head?

Thanks a bunch,


I assume you’re building that yourself. I use Reaper for programming (but I assume all editors can do this); I export with the time signature embedded in the file and BB picks it up.

Would that answer your question?

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Thank you for the response.
I am making the beat my self. I am using studio one. I do not seem to have an option to embed the midi file with the signature. I will have to look into that. But when I import the midi files into beat budy I do change the time signiture within to 6/8. still hae that issue though

I may have to try a different daw for this… I do find it hard to beleive studio one would not let me do this but I can find anything :frowning:

It’s part of the export options in Reaper. I would assume the same for Studio 1. Look for MIDI Export Options in the manual.

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