6 x 6 mode Record/Play switch location

Does anyone else feel like it would be easier and more intuitive to have the
Record/Play button in the middle rather than on the right? That way when recording or playing back different song parts it is more ergonomic. You can simply pivot on your heel. I know it’s only 3" farther but it just makes more sense.

Noted, but I highly doubt we will move a main function like that now that many have already learned the Aeros as is.

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Thank you for the suggestion!

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Can I get in on Beta testing for “free form mode” as that is what I’m familiar with using Infinity? I just bought Aeros and need to know it will work for me before my trial period expires.

Freeform mode is already available on the live version 3.0.0.

It will be improved upon with on-press commands on the next update coming soon.

Once it’s ready to be posted as a beta, we will post on the forum.

Ok thanks. As I’m getting familiar with the Aeros, the way it is just isn’t good enough for live (in free form). I can’t afford to hang on to it if it isn’t fixed before my trial period is up. (I’m one who is having difficulty in free form having a lag between song parts.)