6X6 mode Next Track Button

So I’ve been messing around with 6X6 mode, and I am curious if there is a way to get the next track button back to green, instead of being set to red (record next track). For example, if I have recorded several tracks on one part, and I want to stop recording new tracks but go back to another track and mute a previous track.

Say I have:
recorded, the next track button is red, and will start recording

but let’s say I want to go back to track 1 or 2 to mute.

I have found several workarounds, I can go in the mixer by holding select part and mute there, or I can hit the next track button and then hit cancel record, and the next track button will change to green and let me go back to mute a track.

Perhaps, this is the only way, but just wanted to see if I am missing something easy. I also know if i am coming from another part the next track button will be green.

Any advice is appreciated…hope this all makes sense :slight_smile: @BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz

If I understand correctly, if the song is stopped, all you need to do is keep tapping ‘next track’ through to select whatever track you want within that part. When the song is playing and the ‘next track’ button is red and you don’t want to record a new track but do want to go do something on a previously recorded track do a quick double tap. This will return you to the top track in the current part and it should be green.



Hey, thanks a bunch @Wade_Hathaway… I knew there must be an easier way!

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