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Hi -
another gig last night… much went well with the Aeros/MM/BB, but some new questions:

in regular “Aeros” mode on MM, on the “Play Parts” page, shouldn’t the “Play Part 2” start a recording on Part 2 if there’s nothing there already? I’m pretty sure it did previously…I did change a control change setting on the BB to keep it from playing fills every time I change a song part… would that also keep it from transitioning to record a new part? If that’s the case, is there anyway for it to start the recording and just not play a transition fill?

is there a way to use an external footswitch to move to next song / previous song on aeros? getting impatient for midi song selection and this would help!


Hey there, this is because Aeros does not start from stopped when it received the change part command. This is because if it did, it would desynchronize from a BeatBuddy that has an intro enabled.

We created CC113 values 101-106 for this reason, these are ignored by BB (as of 3.9.9) and start Aeros from a stopped state.

Unfortunately there is no ‘next song’ feature currently. We plane to include this as part of several MIDI expansions.

Thanks for the questions

just to clarify, In the above scenario, I probably should have indicated that I picked Part 2 assuming that aeros was playing part 1 already, so not starting from stopped (although that would be handy sometimes, too).

does this mean that i could set it up so that MM would be able to start aeros (and BB) from stopped? is there a doc or post that explains how?


Hey so sorry, must have missed this notification

Yes it means that you can do this.

All you need to do is send the CC113 values 101-106 command that is necessary when you need it. There is no official configuration, in essence, what matters is what works for you.

The answer would really depend on expectations and needs. Just keep in mind Aeros does respond to CC113 values 1-6 and values 101-106 and BB does not react to CC113 values 101-106.

If you feel you need more one-one-one help, feel free to write to support@singualrsound.com

Thanks for your patience