6x6 recording since version 3.3.0

Hello everyone and Happy New Year.

I am looking for a clear explanation on this type of recording with track lock.

This is what I want to do:

  • part 1: track 1 locked
  • part 2: track 1 locked + track 2
  • part 3: track 1 locked + track 2 locked
  • part 4: track 1 locked + track 2 locked + track 3
    etc … up to track 6.

Except that when I recorded part 1 with track 1, that I lock it, after I go to part 2 with my track 1 locked, I record my track 2. after impossible to lock this track 2 in my part 2, and so on.
In short, I can only lock part 1track 1.
I watched all the videos on the subject, and I don’t have my solution.
I specify that my AEROS is indeed at version 3.3.0.
Thank you for your explanation which will solve my problem.

Given these track locking rules, looks like you are out of luck. I’m not sure I understand the motive behind prohibiting locking after you record a 2nd part…

In what you are wanting to do, can you not:

Part 1: Track 1 locked
Part 1: Track 2 locked
Part 1: Track 3 locked

Does that get you the same thing, or is there more to it in between the actual recording of the locked tracks that interferes, because I could see that as a problem. Basically, you have the ability to record up to 5 locked tracks on Part 1, but the moment you record on a new Part or skip locking a track, the locking party is over.

Hi there,

Unfortunately what you want is not possible, the rules do not allow it, please review the 3.2.x thread to understand why we have these rules.

We do plan on looking into it more to see what can be done, but that is the best we can promise for now. The Aeros’s core logic forbids us from changing much quickly.