7 Songs with Bass (Some reposts with Mods)

Here are 7 songs with bass - with a disclaimer. They are not anywhere near the originals and I mostly just added bass to some songs posted by others without bass or I picked a beat that would substitute enough to get by. Not sure if they are live quality or not for others but they work for me. I also changed keys from originals in many of the songs so I could sing them better. So for the sake of sharing I thought to post. If something does not make sense below study the parts in the Manager i.e. Main drum loop vs. Drum fill. Also I use pause to end most of my songs when I am ready to end so most don’t have outros. I also use a looper in many of these basic 4 chord songs to solo over parts before bass and drums kick in- So there are some all basic 4 count high hat verses (main parts) for this reason.


Aint No Sunshine (Am) - I modified someone’s post for this song with drums and added basic bass- I modified the chant part to at least chant enough to get the idea with some subtle drum cues when to come out of the chant to sing " Hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone. But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone."

  • I added an intro because I use a looper and I lay down the loop with clean guitar and without bass first and then bring in the bass when ready- I find this is more dramatic . I actually play a pretty long lead with delays to build over my loop and then when ready kick the bass in and lead some more and the transition to verse when I am ready to sing.

Comfortably numb- modified only a little from original post to add the first solo part so it is obvious. I also rearranged the parts that work better for me with foot pushes. This is my favorite and soooo fun to solo on. Thanks Guitar Stu!

Hotel Calif. - Only modified the intro to add a high hat beat because I was having trouble keeping time with the original post intro verse. I also dropped the key to Ebm to make it easier for me to sing. I capo the 2nd fret and play Ebm when I sing it. So transpose the original to Ebm and capo 2 if your voice is lower like mine. Thanks Phil for original post. Also one of my favorites!

Just The Way You Are (F#)- Very basic blues beat with syncopated bass added. I usually loop my guitar and solo a bit first before singing and solo either in the middle or when the song is done.

Knocking on Heavens door (G)- a repost but moded a bit with my own bass to match the origionla not guns and roses version - I added a first verse HH only that I loop clean chorused guitar over with HH and then verse to when I am ready brings in the bass when ready. Works great with a distorted guitar on first chord when bass kicks in. I got the drums from somewhere on the site- works well enough.

Simpleman (A) - I used a simple rock beat- I added a basic HH verse for looping clean guitar and when ready bring in Bass main part and distorted guitar. On chorus I foot pedal push the cymbals similar to the song.

With or without you ©. I borrowed someones drums for this song and added basic bass. I start here with just a heavily delayed 2 string syncopated guitar and loop it and when I am ready I transition the bass in. Sounds pretty cool even though it is basic basic.

Can’t wait for the new version of MBB so those much better versed with adding bass can post these songs that resemble the real songs much better than my hacker versions. Enjoy.