808 kit

I am thinking the BB needs an 808 inspired kit and if I want it sooner rather than later I may have to make it myself. Buddies, let me know if you are interested in which case I will share OR if you already made one please share with me.

I made a basic 808 kit that sounds great to me, It is super basic as far as what BB can do but sounds like a TR-808 so success! Download it here

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Thanks, Sean_Fear, that’s cool to have it !

Nice kit, thanks man, I was looking for that.

Awesome Job!!! Thanks

hello… where can i download the kit? thanks


Here is one.

How do I get access to your basic 808? Thanks

So, you did notice that it was 5 years ago that he posted, right? And he hasn’t exactly been active any time recently?

I mean, if you wanted an 808 kit and someone could build one, they might do for you. But, go ahead, wait on Sean for a response.

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Nah. To old to wait 5 years.

This might be Sean’s kit. It predates the other one I linked to, and its in my archives.