A beginner guitarist tempted to get a BeatBuddy

Just joined the forum. I’m a 60 year old beginner (1 1/2 years) guitarist (I played when I was younger but never got good.) I’ve been using a popular online instructors free stuff as well as a paid app. What I’ve discovered is that the paid app has practice songs that allow you to play whole songs which is really helping me get timing down and advance my learning. The app allows for playing a given song with melody, bass line, drums and guitar (i turn off guitar because that’s my part). I’m finding that a metronome is terribly boring. I also like finding Youtube instructional videos and looping the parts I’m trying to learn. Very fun but usually no drums. I also like trying to learn specific songs but would love a way to have the drum parts. Can BeatBuddy help fill some of these gaps? I’m trying to keep it fun so i can continue to improve.

Very much interested in any/all feedback because I’ve got a lot to learn.

Thanks in advance.

Just my opinion, but I have recommended the BeatBuddy to a couple of people I have been giving guitar lessons to for a while, and they love it… As you pointed out, a metronome can be pretty boring, and keeping it fun is important… I noticed a definite improvement with their timing after a little while as well…

Not sure if you noticed, but there are hundreds of songs available here on the forums that have bass as well as drums, and a good number of them also have keyboards, etc… There are a few talented people around here that have been kind enough to put them together and post them for us to use with the BeatBuddy…

You can find them here in BeatBuddy Resources / Song Files. https://forum.singularsound.com/c/resources/song-files/24

Thanks for the feedback. It’s the fun part that keeps us practicing when the fingers and hands start to hurt.

So, regarding the song capability: I could download a song (I’ve been working on “Money Talks” by AC/DC) load it into the BeatBuddy and all I have to do is play the guitar? Is it possible to loop a tricky part say just 10-15 seconds worth?

You can only loop parts if the song is constructed to have looping parts. Most of the forum songs do not.

You can download the BB Manager software without having pedal and load the factory default content and forum songs and drum kits to try the system out. Then you can see how it would work. There is a virtual pedal on the BB Manager software that functions like the pedal.