A Couple of Maestro Questions

  • Conceivably I could be using the Maestro with a few different MIDI devices (Beat Buddy, keyboards, transport functions in a Tascam 2488NEO (and possibly PC based DAW) , and some effects boxes. These would all need very different MIDI control functions. How many unique users presets/patches can be stored within the Maestro and most importantly is there a means to backup user presets through the app (which could be transferred to another storage device) or via a MIDI sysex bulk dump transferred to a computer?

  • From the Maestro webpage FAQ…
    Will the MIDI Maestro work as a MIDI Interface?
    *While not originally designed as a MIDI Interface, we do plan to include this functionality in the future."
    This could be a handy feature for me occasionally to interconnect a MIDI instrument to my computer, but I’m not understanding how this might be done as the Maestro appears to lack a USB port to enable a connection to a computer.

  • Does anyone know the chipset used for bluetooth in the Maestro? I have a Samsung Android tablet that failed to pair/communicate with the BT functionality in a JBL PA speaker (EQ settings via EON Connect) and many other users experienced this also. It seemed that the Android BT could not reliably pair to the BlueNRG chipset in the JBL speaker. The screenshot below is not a discussion of the JBL BT failure, but of a different application of Android and BlueNRG. I don’t want to have to get another device in order to use the Maestro app if it could be potentially a problem.